NEW COLLECTION Holiday Celebration イルミネーションが街に煌めき心踊るホリデーシーズン。シーズンムードを盛り上げてくれるエレガントで華やかな新作が届きました。グローバルに活躍中の静華ジャズミンさんが着こなすドラマティックな装いも必見。ぜひ、ゆっくりとご覧くださいませ! Ensemble (cardigan) Onepiece Fur collar Knit/Ladies Knit/Mens Knit/Kids Cardigan Jumper skirt Dress up any outfitt with a Fur Mufffler Fur muffler Cardigan Pants Tops Onepiece Coat Fingerless Glove Onepiece Ensemble Onepiece The Cutest Classy Party Outfit Jacket Onepiece Glove Holiday season is coming... Fur collar Onepiece FEILER × Chesty SPECIAL COLLABORATION! Bag Pouch Fur muffler Onepiece Cardigan Jumper skirt Boots Knit Skirt Fur collar Glove Have you decided on your holiday gift yet? Who are you spending your holidays with this year? Cardigan Pants Coat Knit Cardigan Onepiece Onepiece Model:SHIZUKA JASMIN Photographer:YASUSHI KURIHARA ーtriplet studio Hair&Make up Artist:SONOKO